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Phoenix organization was born from the desire, altruism and dedication of Ms. Mara who, in 2000, put together a group of friends in order to dedicate time to provide some support to the people in need from Jacarei´s community.

Since then, the group started out delivering gifts and hugs on special holidays to choosen communities and, monthly, we would provide food to some families. In 2006, we started registering the families and adopting some children in order to provide consistent assistance. At that time, we were able to rent small ranches for our annual Christmas party with a lot of toys, candies and joy.

In 2009, we started work with a specific community on the north part of Jacarei city.

Nowadays, Phoenix develops many activities for the Children and their families providing different regular classes as Ballet,   Yoga,      Environment, Capoeira,Tai-Chi-Chuan, Breakdance, Theater,   Computer, Handicraft,Tutoring.


Specially on Sundays, we provide educational aid at Maria Luiza public school. We also take the opportunity to play with them, make handcraft, massages, relaxation and a very special lunch.


For the families we provide monthly workshops with specific subjects, psichological attendance, massage, yoga and much more activities.

At last, but not least, Fênix has also group called “Caravaneiros” responsible to from door to door to obtain from society enough food to prepare and distribute on a monthly basis a basket of food that can support each family for a whole month.


The Phoenix organization has its base in vulnerable communities of the city of Jacareí, São Paulo state – Brazil, performing a social work with Children and their families.

One of the goals of Phoenix organization is to support the Children that face difficulties at school, at home or at their community.

Our intention is to provide a different reference of care and hope through the presence of well-intentioned and cheerful adults to help them  believe in and fight for a better world.

We define them as our “Children for changing” and our highest goal is to feed their hearts with hope and their minds with education and knowledge.

We care for approximately 300 Children providing them with activities that involve arts, communication, sport, entertainment, citizenship and education. Our methodology considers and works with the reality of our Children promoting, above all, the strength of the ties within the families and the community.


Our Mission: To contribute on the cultural and educational formation of the children in order to permits that they actuate with autonomy in the transformation of their own reality.


Our Vision: To be recognized as an organization that develops and promotes practices that are fundamental for a social transformation.


Our Values: Dignity, Fraternity, Perseverance, Hope and Solidarity


Rei das Embalagens

Rua Chaquib Sleiman Ahmed, 61

Centro - Jacareí

Bazar Santa Rosa

Rua Barão de Jacareí, 287

Centro - Jacareí

Muria Modas

Rua Barão de Jacareí, 251

Centro - Jacareí

Shop Tudo Brinquedos

Rua Cel. Carlos Porto, 159

Centro - Jacareí


Rua Cel. Carlos Porto

Centro - Jacareí

Chácara Recanto das Gatinhas

Av. São Jorge, 1721

Cidade Salvador - Jacareí


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